Cesspools are also known as Cesspits and Cesspit tanks. We supply the Cesspools to suit the requirements of a wide range of customers, including those who are looking for supplies for their domestic or commercial property.

What are Cesspools?

Cesspools are underground containers which provide a temporary solution for storing effluent. Depending on the location and the use of the underground containers, they will require regular inspection and maintenance. Here at Cotterill Civils, we supply the Cesspits for when there is no or limited access to main drains.

Our Cesspit tanks can also be used for areas that have unsuitable ground conditions and insufficient space available.

How to maintain Cesspits?

The Cesspit tanks are designed to make it easier for you to remove wastewater from your property, essentially preventing any unwanted smells.

Unlike other Sewage Treatment Plants, the Cesspit tanks need to be emptied frequently (we tend to recommend every 45 days.) Make sure that the tanks are emptied professionally, using a vacuum, to eliminate any potentially dangerous consequences.

Our Cesspools are perfect for storing solids and liquids, however, they don’t have outlets which allow sewage to be discharged. As a result of this, they can fill up quickly and need to be monitored carefully to prevent waste overflowing and spilling out of the container.

Any of the Cesspit tanks that we supply at Cotterill Civils are guaranteed to provide you with a reliable solution for removing wastewater; so be sure to monitor them!

Our Cesspit Tanks.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we have developed a wealth of experience over recent years. We supply an impressive range of tanks that are designed with your drainage needs in mind. The 2,800L tanks are perfect for smaller applications, where the 79,000L tanks are suited more towards the requirements of larger applications. We supply made to order Cesspools too, so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you’re looking for!

Any of the tanks that we supply at Cotterill Civils are created by major environmental solutions brands such as Kingspan, Marsh and Clearwater. What’s more; the tanks that we supply within this collection are vented to remove sewage gas, preventing it from re-entering the drainage system.


No matter which of the Cesspit tanks you choose from the selection below, you could benefit from products that are quick and easy to install. Our Cesspits are designed to be easy to install, therefore requiring little to no downtime.

You can rest assured that our Cesspools meet British Safety Standards and offer exceptional quality. We even supply products that suit the toughest of conditions, so be sure to check out our extensive range today!

As trusted installers and suppliers, we ensure that supplies are delivered in a timely manner. Generally, we aim to deliver products within 5-7 days after the order has been placed, making sure that your deadlines are met accordingly.

The team of installers at Cotterill Civils make sure that Cesspits are installed correctly, with utmost accuracy. We make sure that these tanks are fitted appropriately to maintain high-quality standards and to ensure that you get the most out of them.