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Underground services ducting

Protect and manage your underground services with our quality ducting

We supply products to suit the requirements of all customers, including those from the domestic, commercial and industrial sector. Our ducting pipe is designed to suit exact specification and is manufactured to meet and exceed high-quality standards.

Why choose our ducting pipe?

  • Fast installation

Our ducting is very fast and convenient to lay. In particular, our flexible ducting minimises the need for bends, which takes time, costs money and can cause cable snagging.

  • Durable

Made of PVC or PE material, our ducting pipe is strong, smooth, non conductive and does not deteriorate in the ground.

  • High quality

Our pipe is manufactured to meet British and European Standards and the strict requirements of various industries. For example, BBA and BS EN1386, ENATS 12/24 Issue 2007/8 for C2 Application and the Electrical Supply Industry Specification for Cable Protection.

  • Colour coded

Duct is colour coded to suit your requirements and can also be printed to meet your specifications.

  • Water resistant

Our ducting pipe is water resistant, if sealed, and can be laid at extreme temperatures.

  • Chemical resistant

Our pipe is designed to have high compression strength as well as high chemical resistance.


We have a wide range of sizes available to suit your specific needs. These include:

  • 50/63mm coils
  • 94/110mm coils
  • 137/160mm coils
  • 94/110mm x 6m lengths
  • 125/148mm x 6m lengths
  • 150/178mm x 6m lengths
  • Larger sizes available


Our ducting comes in the following colours to suit your specific application:

Electricity – Black
CCTV – Green
Water – Blue
Gas – Yellow
Motorway Communication – Purple
Street Lighting – Orange
Street Lighting (Scotland) – Purple
Traffic Signals – Orange
Telecommunications (BT) – Grey

Our ducting is generally not perforated but there are exceptions. For example, the yellow gas ducting needs to be perforated when it is laid under roads.

Additional products

We also supply a wide range of other products to complement our ducting systems. These include:

  • Duct access chambers
  • Composite covers
  • Sealed duct plugs
  • Precast concrete marker blocks
  • Draw cord
  • Warning tapes
  • Hockey sticks

More about Ducting Pipe


Any flexible duct that we supply is designed to be lightweight which makes it easier to work with. The flexibility of the ducting pipe is also more convenient and time-saving. Flexible duct requires no bends and has a smooth inner bore which is perfect if you’re looking to eliminate cable snagging.

No matter which ducting pipe you choose, it will offer water and chemical resistance, allowing you to sustain the quality of them for longer.


The flexible duct that we have available is guaranteed to meet strict regulations, accommodating the requirements of all industries. Any ducting pipe from Cotterill Civils will incorporate BBA Certification which is a requirement of the highways and ENATS 12/24: Issue 2007/8 for C2 Applications, not forgetting the specification of the Electrical Supply Industry for cable protection.


Within our range of electrical ducting, you’ll notice that we supply a complete range of products that are designed to suit an array of applications. When it comes to installing the electrical ducting, you’re in capable hands with Cotterill Civils; we make sure that all pipes are installed correctly to ensure that communication is transferred smoothly.

The design of the flexible duct makes it more convenient to install, not only saving you time and effort but money too. Ducting that requires bends can often take time to install, however, the flexible duct that we supply requires fewer bends, therefore, allowing you to install it quickly.


The cable duct is used for various applications, including highways, property developments and retail applications, making it easier for you to identify cables and protect them from any damage. As well as this, it can keep your underground drainage accessible, providing you with easy access to the conduits that carry power and electricity. A cable duct can also carry motorway communications, lighting and utilities reliably, making it one of the most versatile products that we supply, here at Cotterill Civils!

Whether you’re looking for a ducting pipe to transfer electricity, gas or telecommunications, our cable duct is ideal. The cable duct that we supply can be used for traffic signals, street lighting, cable TV, traffic management, railways, gas, electricity and water.

Colour Coded

The cable duct is colour-coded and printed to suit the requirements of your intended application to suit your specification, primarily meeting the needs of utilities and telecommunications, so be sure to choose only the most suitable electrical ducting today.

We supply the electrical ducting in an assortment of colours, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black and grey to allow you to keep your cables secure. We also provide a variety of sizes to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is underground ducting used for

Underground ducting is used to protect utilities and cables that run beneath the ground to provide water, gas and electricity. If left above ground, such pipework will be more exposed and at serious risk of being crushed, broken or tampered with. They also pose risk to the safety of the people who may come into contact with them. A damaged electric cable could spark and cause an electric shock. A faulty gas pipe could release flammable gases, and a broken water pipe may cause flooding. Burying utility pipes and cables underground with ducting pipes not only makes for a tidier installation but also provides an extra layer of protection against potential damages.

Why are ducting pipes different colours

The main reason why underground ducting pipes are colour-coded is to help identify what utilities are passing through them. For example, if someone is digging up around these pipes and they spot a black ducting pipe, they will know that it is carrying electricity. If they see a yellow ducting pipe, this will indicate gas pipes, and blue ducting signifies water pipes. One of the biggest benefits of ducting pipes being different colours is that, if a worker happens to run into any of these pipes whilst digging, they can quickly establish what sort of utilities run through them. It also enables them to notify the appropriate department without delay – ensuring that damages are rectified as soon as possible.

Is a ducting pipe easy to install?

The process of installing a ducting pipe is relatively straightforward – the tricky part is ensuring that it is installed safely, correctly and legally! To start, you need to make sure you select the right colour ducting for your utility. On top of choosing the right ducting pipe colour, you also need to consider the material for the conditions of your installation, to ensure maximum protection for the utilities passing through. Once you’ve done that, you can then plan which route you want underground ducting to take – making sure that no other utilities run through. Next, you need to check that the utilities are switched off and dig a trench to the appropriate depth (this will vary depending on the utility). When it comes to installing the ducting pipe, try to do so with as few bends as possible, and use draw cords to pull them through. Then, all that’s left to do is check everything is connected and sealed correctly and turn the utilities back on. Keep an eye out for any leaks or connection problems, as these will need to be fixed before you fill in the hole. For more tips on installing underground ducting, call Cotterill Civils on 0121 351 3230.

Are ducting pipes expensive?

The simple answer is it depends on where you purchase ducting pipe from. However, here at Cotterill Civils, we provide competitive rates across our entire collection of ducting and supply pipes – allowing you to purchase top-quality products for an affordable price. Browse our wide range of ducting pipes and click through to find out more about each product’s specifications. All our prices are inclusive of VAT – meaning you needn’t worry about there being any hidden fees. If you’d like to know more about our ducting pipes and the prices we charge, why not get in touch with the team today?

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