Grease Separator

We supply a range of grease separators which can help prevent blockages in your sewage systems.

These grease separators help break down decomposing food waste in plumbing fixtures to ensure they’re kept efficient. Our separators include Bypass Separators & Full Retention Separators. When complete with oil alarms & auto-closure devices, you can rest assured our separators will protect you. They’re perfectly suited for use in pubs and hotels, as well as on industrial sites.

What is a Grease Separator?

A grease separator in simple terms is a plumbing fixture that contains decomposing food waste. Also known as bypass separators or full retention separators, they are used to intercept most greases or various solids before they enter the waste disposal system. Without the use of a separator large amounts of oil and other substances can enter the septic tank, and too much can overwhelm the tank and therefore untreated sewage will enter the environment. Once these fats cool down they then solidify and this can block drain pipes.

Applications of Grease Separators

Bypass separators have multiple applications including:

  • Pubs/ Hotels/ B and Bs
  • Restaurants/ Cafes
  • Fast food outlets
  • Holiday parks/ caravans/ camping sites with onsite eating facilities.
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Industrial/Manufacturing sites with canteen facilities onsite.

How does a grease separator work?

It cools warm or hot greasy water, due to cooling fuels, oils and grease are able to separate into different layers of waste. Fuels, oils and grease are lighter in density and float to the surface of grease tanks, and the cooler water, minus the waste continues draining to the sewer. The waste floating at the top is then trapped by the grease trap. These tanks need to be emptied when the sludge level reaches 25% in order for them to remain efficient.

Sizing up for a tank

Size is the most important thing to consider when selecting a grease tank. The things which influence the grease separators sizing are sizing as per values of drain fixture unit (DFU), sizing as per the volume of total flowing fixtures and sizing based on waste pipe diameter.

Grease separators have many benefits. They greatly reduce drain blockages for maximum operation efficiency. Bypass separators and full retention separators both help improve performance of septic tanks and field drains for best results. They prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants, reducing the risk of the plants breaking down. Grease separators protect main drainage system from grease blockages. It can also help reduce foul odours, as well as it being essential for large establishments who have health inspectors, as most inspectors see this is a requirement.

Our Manufacturers

Our grease separators are manufactured by Clearwater and Klargester and we offer both fuel separators and oil separators that can be used in a variety of sectors. Our separators will prevent your oil spills contaminating watercourses and groundwater. Our separators come in two variations, Bypass Separators and Full Retention Separators, alongside Grease Traps. Our Full Retention Separators range in size from 170sqm to 15,000sqm. Our Bypass Separators range in size from 1000sqm to 20,000sqm. We also offer Grease Traps that are suitable for car washes with galvanised steel hinged grates.

The main benefits:

  • Increases efficiency of drains
  • Improve performance of septic tanks
  • Prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants
  • Protects main drainage system from grease blockages
  • Prevents contamination of treatment plants

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