Free Drawing Take Off Service

Take advantage of our free drawing take off service to save time, money and hassle.

Reduce Waste

Our state-of-the-art technology can identify the precise amount of products required, which prevents over ordering.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

We will recommend cost-effective alternative products to suit your budget and needs.

Save Time

Using your drainage drawings, we can quickly provide a full drawing take off, saving you valuable time.

Saving you time & money

Here at Cotterill Civils, we provide a complientary drawing take off service to determine the right products required for your project, and exactly how many products are needed. We can also identify cost-saving opportunities, which will provide the same high-quality result for a fraction of the cost.

Your project in safe hands

To benefit from this service, simply send us your drainage drawings. Our in-house team of experts can then calculate the exact amount of products required for your project. We can identify cost-saving opportunities for you to take advantage of, by finding products with a lower price that serve the same purpose. Please contact us by clicking here.

We deliver solutions

We can provide a full drawing take off service in 2-3 days. We deliver nationwide, and have a large number of products in our yard ready for next day dispatch. Our wide range of products allow us to provide a full basket of goods, keeping your supply chain to a minimum.  

Why use this service?

Cheaper alternatives offered

We will always identify cost-effective alternatives, which will provide the same outcome at a lower cost.

Saves time

Our experts use state of the art technology to calculate the precise amount of products required - this saves you time from making those calculations yourself.

Saves money

This service will save you money, as it prevents over ordering from occurring. Each product purchased is required - no more and no less.

Full basket of goods

We supply a wide range of products suitable for underground drainage applications. Therefore, we can supply a full basket of goods, meaning you don't have to spend lots of time going to various different merchants.

State of the art technology

We use advanced technology to calculate the exact amount of products needed for your project.

Installation services available

Need help with installation? We can provide a wide range of installation services, making your life even easier!

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