Compact Booster Sets

Are you struggling with low water pressure? 

Then why not browse our range of Dual Pump Booster Sets designed to increase water volume and pressure, even at the highest levels.

Why do we need booster sets? 

Booster sets are ideal for buildings that need to feed rooftop storage tanks, or provide higher water pressure to top building levels, for example in a block of apartments. Due to gravity, water provided in higher levels of buildings will have poorer water pressure than those who access water on lower levels. Booster Sets are designed to mitigate this issue and provide strong water pressure on all levels of a building.  

How do they work?

Our Booster Sets are fully equipped units including the main storage break tank and twin variable speed pumps. The start-up wizard makes installation quick and easy, and the duty of each pump is automatically transferred. 

Pressure is automatically controlled via the integral variable e-speed motor controller, with more information visible on the four line digital display. Elements such as output pressure, pump running speed frequency, motor currents in amps and time and fault alarm notifications are all displayed on this screen, providing important information easily and clearly. 

There is one transducer pressure sensor per pump, which allows for long term reliability and accuracy.

If the tank is running dry, there is an electronic low water cut-out interface, which protects the product. There is also an outlet pipe burst alarm. 

Why choose Cotterills?

We have plenty of industry experts within our team who can give useful and insightful advice to help you choose the best product for your requirements. Our products are competitively priced, and we endeavour to offer excellent value for money. 

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