Woven Geotextile Membrane

Geotextiles designed to provide long lasting performance for various applications.

 Thermally bonded

The non woven range is thermally bonded to give the fabrics increased performance characteristics.

 Needle punched

The non woven range is needle punched to give the fabrics increased performance characteristics.

 Suitable for many applications

Suitable for various applications, can be selected to meet your needs.

 Strong, robust and durable

Made from polypropylene tapes, the industry-leading design has created a geotextile that combines high tensile strength with exceptional puncture resistance to give outstanding performance and longevity.

 High resistance

Highly resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis, it will be less likely to degrade over time, therefore can be relied upon to continue performing underground for many years.

 Advanced weaving technology

With its advanced weaving technology Rhyno gives you the reliability and reassurance of one of the UK’s leading geotextile brands.

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