Concrete Gullies

We supply strong and durable concrete gullies to manage surface water runoff.

What are concrete gullies?

We supply strong and durable concrete gullies to manage surface water runoff.

Road gullies, which require a hinged grating on top are designed to collect surface water. Because of the high outlet position, the gully collects any silt or debris as the water flows via the gully outlet into the drainage pipe. Gully sumps must then be periodically cleaned out.

Concrete road gullies are drainage components that tend to form part of a surface water management system. They are large pots that are set below the surface of the road, whilst being adjacent to the kerb side.

They are used in areas, such as car parks, as well as along the road, to prevent flooding. Over the gully there is an open grating which intercepts water as it passes into and through the gully.

Rainwater flows off the road into the gullies and then through underground pipes, sewer systems, soakaways or roadside ditches. The majority of gullies tend to be connected to public sewers.

Why use concrete gullies?

Here are just some of the reasons why we recommend using gullies manufactured from concrete:

  • Strong, durable with a proven long service life
  • Withstands road maintenance and resurfacing works
  • Seal case which prevents onsite damage – minimising maintenance and replacement fees
  • Lightweight, decreasing carbon emissions and therefore lowering your carbon footprint through transportation
  • Eliminates discharge of oil, protecting the environment
  • Simple and straightforward to install, reducing the time taken and cost to install
  • Universal – can be used in multiple drainage systems, they are also versatile as they can be used with a variety of pipe connections
  • Grating to intercept surface water runoff

What are trapped gullies?

Trapped gullies are used to prevent odours escaping from the drain pipe. these are generally used if the gully is connected to a combined storm and foul water system. They may also be used where there is a risk of oil, which will float on top of water in the gully, preventing it from entering the drain pipe.

What are untrapped gullies?

This gully has a straight outlet and is lighter than the trapped gully. It is used where the risks do not occur.

Why choose our concrete gullies?

Seal cast in to prevent onsite damage

Rodding-eye closure recessed into concrete

Light-weight for lower carbon footprint

Eliminates discharge of oil

Gully grating and cover available

Universal – suits all drainage products

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