Galvanised Steel Pipe

Galvanised Steel Pipe Overview

We supply a range of sizes in galvanised steel pipe – a versatile and cost-effective alternative to HDPE pipe. Our galvanised steel pipe is the ideal solution to create underpasses for vehicles, pedestrians, livestock and waterways.

What is Galvanised Steel Pipe?

Galvanised steel pipes are steel pipes than have been dipped in a protective zinc coating. The zinc increases the pipes life expectancy and makes it more resistant to corrosion, rusting and mineral deposits.

Why should you use Galvanised Steel Pipe?

  • Galvanised steel pipe has a high degree of strength, meaning it is perfect to be used in a range of construction roles
  • Our galvanised steel pipe offers 360 degree protection, where every part of the pipe is protected
  • These steel pipes are easy and fast to assemble, once the galvanised steel product is created, it’s ready to be used – meaning it can be erected quickly and then the next step of construction can commence
  • Galvanised steel pipe is fire repellent, so it is safe from fires
  • Our galvanised steel pipe is also cost efficient, it’s less expensive than HDPE pipe

What can Galvanised Steel Pipe be used for?

A galvanised steel pipe has an array of uses making it particularly desirable to more industries. These pipes are suitable for the agricultural and construction industries because they are quick and easy to assemble. It can be used in instances where you may use HDPE – galvanised steel offers a non-corrosive, strong alternative.

Where to find a Galvanized Steel Pipe?

We have an extensive range of drainage galvanised pipes, we are sure you’ll find something that suits your specific needs! We supply various sizes of drainage pipes to cater for your business requirements. A drainage galvanised pipe is a cost-efficient alternative to HDPE pipes.

All our drainage pipes are designed to have a long-life expectancy but the design of the large galvanised steel pipe gives them a life expectancy of up to 120 years, allowing you to receive excellent value for money!

High strength

This is a construction system based around curved, corrugated, galvanised steel sheets which are bolted together to form durable structures that can be deployed in a variety of construction roles.

360 degree protection

The galvanisation process protects every part of the structure. This 360 degree, total protection isn’t available with other coatings.

Simple and fast assembly

Due to the nature of the manufacturing, once a galvanised steel product is created, it’s ready to be used. The pipe can simply be erected, allowing you to swiftly move on to the next stage of construction.

120 years design life

Reinforces peace of mind that this product is long lasting, durable and will continue to work efficiently for years to come. 120 year design life when trench coated.

Fire repellent

Safe from vandalism such as camp fires lit in underpasses which could melt HDPE.

Cost efficient

Less expensive than HDPE in non aggressive soil situations.

Our Guarantee

BSI Kitemark approved, our cost effective land drainage solution will improve your soil structure, yields and profitability.