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A topical issue with attenuation and infiltration systems is how to prevent silt from entering the system, and how to manage silt that does get into the system. The good news is, we supply a range of silt filter chambers in various sizes – here at Cotterill Civils – suitable for 110mm, 150mm and 160mm pipework. So, why not take a look today and find the best one for you?

What is a Silt Filter Chamber?

Often, silt interferes with a sustainable drainage system’s (SUDS) ability to remove surface water, therefore, clogging pipes or filling soakaways faster and reducing their capacity for holding water. Eventually, this could increase the risk of flooding on the surface and the need to replace the system.

However, silt filter chambers (sometimes called silt traps) allow for the interception of any silt – or other material entering water treatment solutions and SuDS – and, in turn, prevent them infiltrating the natural watercourse, keeping your system in line with new legislation and guidelines.

All our Sentinel systems, here at Cotterill Civils, are manufactured in the UK to an exceptionally high standard. They are made from chemical resistant materials and feature a polyethylene body which makes them very strong and robust. They’re also relatively lightweight and quick and easy to install.

How do Silt Filter Chambers work?

There are several different types of silt chambers on the market today, but the basic principle remains the same.

Before entering the drainage system, water is directed into the silt chamber and, as it fills with water, silt settles in a filter tube. Any finer particles that pass through the filter will drop to the base of the tube. Once the water level reaches the outlet pipe, it leaves the chamber and continues to the drainage system while silt remains in the filter tube.

But silt chambers are not to be installed and then forgotten about. A poorly maintained system will cease to be effective, resulting in silt build-up in your soakaway or, even worse, it could entirely block the drainage system. The great thing about our silt chambers is that the filter tube can be disconnected from the outlet pipe and removed for maintenance.

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