MDPE Water Pipe

Ideal solution for water distribution of fresh drinking water

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing water pipe, consider one of our MDPE water pipes, the 50mm MDPE water pipe for instance.

An MDPE pipe is used to deliver high pressure from one area to the next. When it comes to replacing your existing water pipe, look no further than Cotterill Civils – an MDPE pipe provides resistance to chemicals and bacteria, allowing the transportation of water to be safe and secure!

Unlike other water pipes, our MDPE water pipe is lightweight and won’t lose its shape under stress or pressure. The MDPE water pipe has been innovatively designed to comply with EN 12201:2 standards and is highly-reliable!

Available sizes

20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 63mm, 90mm and 110mm diameters in 25, 50 and 100 metre roll sizes. larger diameters are also available in 6 metre lengths for ease of handling.

 WRAS approved materials

Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene to BS EN 12201:2 using WRAS approved materials, ensuring ultimate cleanliness and safety of your cold potable water supply

 Innovative design

Our SC80 light blue pipe system has been designed to provide a cost neutral replacement to traditional single colour PE80 pipe. These solid wall, single layer pipes are an exciting new concept, made from a PE80 light blue outer layer and a PE80 black inner layer which clearly identifies the pipes application.

 Long service life

A long service life means less need for replacement, reducing time and costs.

 Guaranteed to withstand 12.5 bar pressure

Guaranteed to withstand 12.5 bar pressure, most main water is delivered at less than 4 bar. At 3 times the rating, this pipe will not let you down under pressure.

 Lightweight & easy to handle

The lightweight design makes for easy handling and installation in a variety of applications.

 Resistant to stress cracking

Due to the ability to withstand 12.5 bar pressure, this product is less likely to be vulnerable to cracking under stress.

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