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9 Person Graf One2Clean Plus Sewage Treatment Plant (Pumped outlet)

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The 9 person One2Clean Plus sewage treatment plant by Graf provides a pumped outlet for greater flexibility with installation location. Available with a pedestrian or vehicle loading lid, this sewage treatment plant can be installed in a wide number of applications for both domestic and commercial use. It is easy to maintain as there is an incredibly low volume of sewage sludge, meaning minimal emptying requirements 

This sewage treatment plant is suitable for use with up to 9 people. 

Extended 3 year warranty on product technology and a 10 year warranty on the tank itself. 

Highly recommend the Graf External Plastic Cabinet to be purchased with this product.

Package includes:

  • Tank
  • Inner working/ connecting pipes
  • Control panel

Free UK mainland delivery 

 Call 0121 351 3230 to claim your free commissioning with this tank. Terms and conditions apply. 

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Full Description

This 9 person One2Clean Plus with pumped outlet sewage treatment plant by Graf offers an efficient solution to off-mains effluent treatment. This product has an innovative design, as only one tank is required with one process chamber.

Installation is quick and easy, as no concrete is required, simply use a gravel base and backfill.

This tank has an ultra-quiet operation, making it the ideal choice in domestic properties.

There are 3 stages to the treatment process:
1. aeration
2. settling phase and
3. clear water extraction

This ensures that the sewage is treated to a high standard, and is suitable to be discharged safely at the end of the process.

The sewage enters the tank and is filtered using an aeration process. The sludge then settles at the bottom of the tank, and the remaining clear water is extracted and drained in a soakaway or other drainage method. This means that there is minimal sludge to be removed, and only one pumping process is required, meaning maintenance costs are kept low.

- Up to 99% efficiency
- Low-energy consumption
- Free commissioning available
- 3 stage treatment process
- Quiet operation
- Free delivery
- Easy installation
- No concrete required

There is also a double sludge storage volume which means that more time can pass before a sludge removal is required. The tank is 100% resistant to corrosion which means that its lifespan is optimised, as it is resistant to the elements.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 6,500l

Weight (kg): 220kg

Height (mm): 2390mm

Width (mm): 2190mm

Length (mm): 2390mm

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