Parking Bollards

Check out our impressive range of parking bollards, ideal for a wide number of public safety and traffic management applications. 

Bollards act as physical barriers that can prevent unauthorised vehicles from accessing restricted areas. They can also protect pedestrians and cyclists from traffic, which increases safety in public areas. 

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A diverse range of parking bollards

Parking bollards can be used to regulate the flow of traffic by guiding vehicles along designated routes. They are commonly installed in urban areas, car parks, and transportation hubs to effectively manage vehicle movements. 

Our selection of security bollards for parking are available with either a galvanised finish, galvanised and yellow finish, black and yellow finish or a stainless steel finish. 

Available in sizes from 48mm to 219mm, we’re confident you’ll find the right bollard size and colour for your project. 

Whether you’re looking for car park bollards, driveway security bollards or folding parking bollards, we can guide you in the right direction at Cotterill Civils. 

Order a parking bollard online

Browse our entire collection of parking bollards for sale and find the perfect style for your needs - and if you’re unsure of what to choose, our team of experts are on hand to help. 

Once you’ve found the perfect parking bollard, all you need to do is add it to your online basket and check out. 

Once your payment for the parking bollard is completed, our team will handle your order, getting your items ready for dispatch.

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Get in touch with Cotterill Civils

If you have any questions about bollards for parking, make sure to check out the frequently asked questions below to see if yours is there. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of parking bollards?

The main reason for purchasing parking bollards is to control vehicle access and prevent unauthorised parking. But there are lots of other advantages, regardless of whether you’re looking for car park bollards or security bollards. These include:

  • Improved flow of traffic: Parking bollards can enhance traffic flow and decrease congestion in busy zones by discouraging unauthorised vehicle parking.

  • Better safety: Security bollards safeguard buildings and pedestrian zones from vehicle threats, serving as a strong deterrent against terrorist attacks and other vehicle-related violence.

  • More security: Bollards also safeguard pedestrians and cyclists by keeping vehicles off pavements and bike lanes.

  • Prevent costly fines: Parking bollards help save money on managing parking areas. By stopping unauthorised parking, there’s less chance of issuing tickets to people who park incorrectly. 

To find out more about whether parking bollards are right for your needs, send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I use a parking post as a driveway security bollard?

Typically, it’s recommended that you don’t use a parking post as a driveway security bollard. This is because the main purpose of parking posts is to reserve your parking space, whereas security bollards are used to protect unauthorised areas. 

Since both of these applications are known for providing different services, it’s best to stick to what they’re known for to avoid confusion. 

To find out more about the parking bollards for sale at Cotterill Civils and why you might need one, get in touch with the team today. 

How can bollards be secured?

Bollards can be secured with both a bolt down and concrete in options. 

Bolt down bollards are securely into surfaces by drilling holes into the ground, inserting anchor bolts, and fastening the bollard in place using nuts and washers. This method is great for spaces where you may need to take out and move the bollard in the future. 

However, with the concrete in option, you put the bollard directly into a hole filled with concrete. This makes it very stable and perfect for places where you need it to stay put, like busy spots or pavements. 

Both ways of securing bollards are strong and can be used in different situations depending on what you need.  If you’re looking to purchase a parking bollard, check out the fantastic range we offer at Cotterill Civils. 

Do you need planning permission to install a parking bollard?

If you’re installing a parking bollard onto your own private land, like a driveway or a parking space, then you won’t need any planning permission. However, you should still contact your local council to make sure your property line doesn’t have any restrictions. 

If you’re a leaseholder, it's crucial to get approval from relevant parties like your landlord or property management company since you don't own the land. Permission is necessary here before making any changes. 

Keep in mind that you can't install parking bollards on any land you don't own, including public roads, unless you have consent from your local council. 

If you’d like to know more about our bollards for parking, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

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