110mm is the most popular size for underground drainage pipes.

As experts in underground drainage, we have a comprehensive range of products for you to choose from, here at Cotterill Civils – all of which comply with BS EN 1401-1 and are compatible with other leading manufacture’s pipes and fittings.

We supply a wide range of 110mm sewer pipes and sewer pipe fittings and aim to meet any requirement, whether that’s at your home or a commercial setting.

With approval from several water companies, including Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water Ltd, Severn Trent, Southern Water and Wessex Water, quality is assured with every 110mm drainage pipe (and fitting!) we supply.

110mm Coupler

110mm Coupler

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110mm P-Trap

110mm P-Trap

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110mm Sewer Pipes and fittings

Both cost-effective and easy to install, the 110mm sewer pipe is essential to the set-up of your drainage system. And, made from uPVC, they are long-lasting and not easily susceptible to damage.

Available in 3mtr and 6mtr lengths, you’re sure to find a suitable 110mm sewer pipe for your underground drainage system. However, depending on your requirements, we can supply pipe lengths in packs of 77 and 86.

As well as this, we provide an assortment of 110mm sewer pipe fittings, including junctions, screwed access caps, level invert reducers and more. These are required when fitting a sewer pipe to ensure drainage can flow smoothly and can be adapted to suit your exact requirements.

Why choose uPVC over clay 110mm Sewer Pipes?

Many contractors are choosing to use 110mm plastic drainage pipes, instead of clay, due to its cost-saving benefits and ease of installation.

uPVC pipes are long-lasting, whilst clay pipes are more likely to become damaged through clogging and cracking and expensive to repair.

Aside from this, the lightweight nature of uPVC pipes means there is less risk of personal injury during installation compared to clay pipe.

Benefits of plastic sewer pipes:

  • One of the strongest – most durable – types of sewer drain pipe on the market
  • Safe, leak-proof drainage away from properties and commercial land
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight which makes installation and shipping easier
  • More flexible and less prone to cracking than clay
  • 110mm drainage pipe fittings are marked
  • Resistant to root intrusion and damage
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Less need for repairs and replacement
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit your needs