What are the benefits of CLIP & SEAL on Brett Martin guttering?

What are the benefits of CLIP & SEAL on Brett Martin guttering?

A unique innovation called CLIP & SEAL comes as standard on Deepstyle 170mm uPVC Industrial Gutters by Brett Martin. You may be wondering what CLIP & SEAL is and what benefits it brings to you and your project. Read on to find out more about this game-changing system.

CLIP & SEAL is an installation system that has been developed by Brett Martin and comes fitted on their Deepstyle 170mm guttering components. The idea is simple: the installer can simply clip the components together and, once in place, a water-tight seal is formed between individual pieces of a gutter system. 

The main benefit of this system is that it eases the installation process and also ensures a reliable seal between components in the long term. 

Each fitting has CLIP & SEAL fully integrated within it. This way, the captive seal is engaged firmly and held within the fitting. The clip then also locks the seal in place to ensure that your gutter stays water-tight for a long time to come.

The CLIP & SEAL system comes pre-installed on the relevant Brett Martin components for ease. However, should it be required, they can also be easily removed. This offers total flexibility when it comes to installing these guttering products and ensures cross-compatibility with other manufacturers’ product lines as well. 

To ease installation, the CLIP & SEAL allows for enough flex in the gutter so that you can simply slot it into the fitting. In addition, a ‘click’ lets you know that the gutter is locked in place and that the seal is fully engaged to ensure water-tightness for your system.

The CLIP & SEAL from Brett Martin is a real game changer for making guttering products easier to securely and confidently install. This system is available factory-fitted on all appropriate components of Deepstyle 170mm Industrial gutters and fittings. These products are available to buy now on the Cotterill Civils website.

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