Top tips for installing a soakaway

Top tips for installing a soakaway

A soakaway is a large hole or pit that receives surface water from a drainage pipe. They are a highly effective way of dealing with rain water as they collect surface water run-off at one point before allowing it to percolate in a controlled manner; making it easier for the soil to absorb and preventing flooding downstream. Plastic soakaway crates are lightweight and easy to install. They are becoming more popular in comparison to the more traditional method of filling the hole with coarse stone or rubble. 

Do’s when installing a soakaway

  • It’s recommended to carry out a percolation test before installing a soakaway to test the absorption ability of the soil and whether water will pass through.
  • Install on land which is lower than your property or at least level, to help water flow into  the system and away from the house.
  • You must check that the area has no underground drainage or cables running through - including electricity cables, gas mains, water mains, drainage pipes and street lighting cables. Damaging these can cause dangerous and potentially costly issues.
  • Choose a soakaway which is big enough to accommodate water at its maximum possible rainfall.
  • Try and make sure the sides and bottom of the trench are as straight and square as possible - making it easier to backfill.
  • Choose a soakaway which has a correct loading in relation to where it will be installed: either gardens (20 tonnes) or driveways (40 tonnes).
  • Ensure the soakaway is 5 metres away from the property or road.

Don'ts when installing a soakaway

  • Don’t install a soakaway if you live in a polluted area prone to smog.
  • Don’t use a soakaway for any waste/foul water. This can clog up your soakaway and damage your soil.
  • Avoid installing a soakaway in heavy clay soil as the water can’t drain through this, so it won’t work if this is in your garden. 

How can we help?

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