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Vortex Flow Control Chamber - 1050mm

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£1,621.63 (£1,351.36 ex VAT)
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£1,621.63 (£1,351.36 ex VAT)
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Chamber Depth
Pipe Connections
The mounting plate inside is included but you will need a bespoke vortex unit - please ring 0121 351 3230 for price on Vortex Flow Control Unit.

Full Description

We offer complete prefabricated chambers, with inlet/outlet pipework ready to “plug and play”. The chamber depth comes to suit site levels, and the Vortex Flow Control Unit can be fitted in the chamber if required (vortex unit priced separately). The benefits of a complete chamber include:

Saves time
Easy, fast solution
Lightweight chamber compared to concrete
What is a Vortex Flow Control System?
A Vortex Flow Control System is a self-activating device based on the principle of vortex hydrodynamics – it uses hydraulic effect without the need for moving parts or power to control the flow of stormwater.

When the device is subjected to sufficiently high upstream water levels, a vortex is induced in the flow. The vortex motion results in significant energy loss, thereby creating a pressure drop across the device and restricting the discharge leaving the outlet.

Technical Specification

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