Soakaway & Storm Crate Systems

Soakaway & Storm Crate Systems

Control and manage your rainwater surface water runoff

Our storm crates can be used for both attenuation or ground infiltration in a variety of applications.


✓ Easy to Install

You will be able to install our piping easily without any need for expensive specialist machinery.

✓ Easy to cut to size perfectly

Minimise your installation time – You can easily cut our piping to size using a normal hand saw

✓ Easy to get around corners and obstacles

With a range of bends junctions and adaptor couplings, you will find it easy to get around corners and obstacles, making your installation time lightening fast.

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Durable – 50 year guarantee

Our twin wall piping gives you peace of mind that you’re making a great investment in your farms’ future, with a 50 year guarantee.

The piping Is less brittle in cold weather – so it’s unlikely to break like other materials.

It’s Impact Resistant – Much less likely to break than clay or concrete.

Our Sizes

100mm, 150mm, 225mm, 300mm

375mm, 450mm and 600mm

See our large diameter structured wall pipe for larger diameters

All pipes are in long 6 metres lengths with easy push fit couplers

Recommended Sizes

Recommended sizes based on the obstacle you are crossing:

Ditch – 150mm, 225mm, or 300mm

Stream – 300mm, 375mm or 450mm

Brook – 600mm upwards (also see our large diameter twin wall)

Built to allow fast flowing water ✓

The inside of the pipe is engineered to be as smooth as possible – to allow water to flow through freely, prevent obstacles and silt build up.

Prevent Remedial maintenance work ✓

Fit and Forget. HDPE material has a life expectancy of 100 years – it is tolerant to ground movement, soil acidity and temperature differentials.

BBA Approved available ✓

For highway construction – we have a range of BBA Approved stock – call us on 0121 351 3230 NOW to find out more

CALL US NOW to speak to our Drainage experts to make sure you get the most efficient solution for your needs – 0121 351 3230

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If you’re looking for storm crates, consider Cotterill Civils. We have a complete range of Stormwater attenuation solutions including our Stormwater crates and Soakaway Crates. Cotterill Civils offer suitability for your commercial and domestic needs- for expert advice regarding our Stormwater crates, don’t hesitate to speak one of our professionals.

Storm crates are installed underground to prevent flooding and because they are designed to incorporate high structural strength, they can feature void ratios of up to 97%, offering enormous amounts of space and surface area through which water can infiltrate.

Use one of our soakaway crate systems to control and effectively manage excessive rainwater. Our storm crates are ideal for ground infiltration and have been fully tested for peace of mind. These storm crates operate as soakaway crates – meaning that they can allow water from the surrounding soil to seep into them, aiding soil drainage, and, more importantly, they allow the attenuated storm water to slowly soak away into the earth after it is collected. Once the storm abates, the ground will naturally begin to slowly release the water it has absorbed, allowing your soakaway crates to drain away at the same rate as the natural movement of groundwater. Thanks to this method of drainage, your attenuated storm water will not cause damage to the soil or cause flooding or waterlogging – it will simply soak away. We have a variety of storm crates that are lightweight and low maintenance, allowing you to spend your time wisely and more effectively!

For Stormwater management that’s sustainable, Cotterill Civils range of soakaway crates are ideal. They meet the needs of those who are looking for the most environmentally friendly solution!

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A versatile solution for stormwater management

Our storm crate systems provide you with a cost effective solution to manage excessive rainfall and reduce the risk of flooding. Designed to be installed underground, these light-weight crates are easy to assemble on site and connect together to enable you to create your required structured.

Why choose our storm crates?

High strength design

Designed to withstand up to 80 ton vehicle loadings, our crates offer you the flexibility to install under heavily trafficked areas such as car parks, yards and roadways. We can go even further towards looking after the environment by offering you a recycled material crate for pedestrian and soft landscape areas, and the use of a soakaway crate helps provide one of the most environmentally-friendly stormwater drainage solutions.

Maintenance free

As long as steps are taken to remove silt and grit from the incoming pipework the crate system is virtually maintenance free.

Lightweight & easy to handle

Our crates are incredibly easy to install as they are lightweight and easy to handle. This product efficiently stacks and locks together quickly, in turn enabling you to build up you tank faster.

High void ratios

High void ratios of 97% providing high storage volume capacity for stormwater attenuation.

SuDs compliant

Our geocellular crate system is approved for use in Sustainable Drainage System applications. The design and functionality of a soakaway crate means that with no power input and no manual activation required, the attenuated storm water will simply seep into the groundwater and disperse naturally.

Environmentally conscious

We also offer an environmentally conscious solution made from recycled material for pedestrian and soft landscape areas, to comply with environmental objectives.

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Soakaway & Storm Crate Systems