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Soakaway Crates: StormMaster Heavy Duty 1m x 1m x 0.4m 40 tonne (0.4m3)

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This StormMaster soakaway crate can bear up to 40 tonne. Each crate clips together to form a load-bearing underground water storage/ attenuation system. 

Highly effective in managing storm water, this StomMaster crate is the ideal solution for flood management. It helps prevent flooding during periods of heavy rainfall by holding back excess water and then gently releasing it back into watercourses. 

Made from 100% recycled materials. 

Suitable for use below driveways, car parks and other trafficked areas. 

Installation available on this product, call for details. 

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Full Description

This StormMaster 40 tonne soakaway crate is the ideal choice for storm water attenuation systems and soakaways. It allows rainwater run-off to be collected and released slowly into the ground or attenuation system at a manageable rate to prevent flooding.

The StormMaster crate has a compressive strength of 65T/m2.

What are the benefits?
- Flood risk prevention
- Erosion control
- Improved water quality
- Sustainable product - made from 100% recycled plastic
- SuDS are a requirement for new developments
- Protects properties and infrastructure
- Protects local wildlife from flood damage
- Enhances public safety

Key tips for installing a soakaway:
1. Carry out a percolation test before installing a soakaway to test the absorption ability of the soil and whether water will pass through.

2. Install on land which is lower than the property or at least level, to help the flow of water into the system and away from the house.

3. Check that the area has no underground drainage or cables running through - including electricity cables, gas mains, water mains, drainage pipes and street lighting cables. Damaging these can cause dangerous and potentially costly problems.

4. Choose a soakaway which is big enough to accommodate water at its maximum possible rainfall.
Try and make sure the sides and bottom of the trench are as straight and square as possible - which also makes it easier to backfill.

5. Choose the appropriate loading in relation to where it will be installed: either gardens (20 tonnes) or driveways (40 tonnes).

6. Ensure the soakaway is 5 metres away from the property or road.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 0.4m3

Weight (kg): 16.8kg

Height (mm): 0.4m

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