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Strong, durable slot drain with an unobtrusive finish

Gatic® Slot Drain handles everything from a raindrop to a rainstorm with almost the same high efficiency. Originally designed to meet the heavy demands of the world’s biggest ports and airports, this product has proven infinitely scalable and has been developed into a comprehensive range of products suitable for smaller projects such as landscaping schemes, shopping developments and parking facilities.

The unobtrusive design of Gatic’s slot drain means that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, is simple to install and benefits from reduced maintenance and installation costs.

Why choose Gatic® Slot Drain?

 Minimal visual impact

Slotdrain’s continuous intake slot is the only outward indication of the highly efficient surface water drainage system that lies just out of sight.

 Easy & quick to install

Designed to keep below ground pipework to a minimum, thereby reducing installation time and both labour and materials costs.

 Strong, durable & impact resistant

Initially designed to withstand the heavy demands of the world’s major airports and ports. This concept was then developed to suit smaller projects.

 Comprehensive range

We supply a wide range of sizes and load bearing capacities making this product ideal for all kinds of applications, from residential, commercial and landscaping schemes to the most demanding of heavy industrial and transport projects.

 Bespoke capability

If your project requirements can’t be achieved with our standard range of products or you have a particularly unusual problem to overcome, we can arrange the design and manufacture of custom components suit your needs.

 Load rating from A15 to F900

Gatic Slotdrain channels are suitable for applications up to F900 (depending on the system type). The systems can handle everything from a raindrop to a rainstorm with similar efficiency.

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