Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

A Rainwater Harvesting System collects, filters and stores rainwater. The water within the system is stored reliably until it can be diverted to the required place.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed to accommodate for farms, homes, gardens, industrial settings and multi-house dwellings, making it virtually impossible for you not to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Commercial Systems

Rainwater Tanks can also be used for Commercial Rainwater Harvesting. A Rainwater Harvesting System can often help businesses to achieve their goal of focusing on water independence and can offer a cost-effective solution for various buildings.

Harvesting rainwater will allow commercial businesses to work towards sustainability and will meet the requirements of clients and buildings, alike.

Domestic Systems

We can offer Rainwater Harvesting Solutions that can save up to 50% off water within your home. The Rainwater Harvest Tanks that we supply are used to store water for washing clothes, watering your garden or washing your car. Our Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Solutions are extremely reliable, simple and safe.

Our Rainwater Tanks

Our high-quality Rainwater Tanks are made from plastic HDPE or galvanised steel. You’ll also discover a choice of sizes, ranging from 150 Litres, all the way up to 768,000 Litres, or more if required.

We aim to satisfy the demands of all industries and buildings, hence why we provide the Gravistore 1 Building, Premistore (2+ Buildings) and Water Course Abstraction!

The most popular Rainwater Harvesting Tanks include the 5,000 Litre, 10,000 Litre, 15,000 Litre and 30,000 Litre which are available in various options. Some of the Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are horizontal, whilst others are bunded, static or vertical. We also have cone tanks available that are designed specifically to collect and use water automatically.

How can you benefit from Rainwater Harvesting?

Reduced water consumption

The water that is stored inside the Rainwater Harvesting Tanks can be used for various systems, including toilet flushing, outdoor taps and many more. Finding appropriate Rainwater Harvesting Solutions will ultimately reduce the amount of water that you use, therefore making your bills cheaper.

Simple installation

Installing Rainwater Tanks is quick and easy and if required we can also provide an installation service. The Rainwater Harvesting System is managed carefully by our technical experts and any of the equipment that we supply is tried and tested to guarantee the best results.