Premistore (2+ Buildings)

Gain from rain

Recover up to 40% of your water usage and meet environmental initiatives with a rainwater harvesting system.

25 year life design on the tank

On average it takes between 5-7 years for the tank to virtually pay for itself in cost savings. Therefore, with a life design of 25 years this solution can continue providing you with cost benefits for years to come.

10 year life design on the tank liner

A 10 year life design on the tank liner will ensure your rainwater harvesting system will continue to work effectively and efficiently for many years.

Government grants available

With governments and local authorities placing green and eco-friendly applications at the top of their agendas, financial support from grants may be found. Truly making “gain from rain” a reality.

High strength tank

The high strength manufacturing ensures that the tank will hold and support your collected water effectively and safely.

Approved to BS5950 and BS EN 1993

Peace of mind that this product meets British Standard requirements.

Powder coated with durable, lead-free paint

Reduces water bills

Boosts farm water pressure

Protects against water shortage

Increases the efficacy of agrichemicals

Meets environmental initiatives

Preferred drinking source for livestock