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What are the benefits of SuDS?

Over the last few years, the UK has experienced some of the wettest seasons on record.  And with meteorologists predicting that such extreme storms are set to become even more commonplace, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) have never been so important.

How SuDS prevents flooding?

SuDS plays an important role in managing surface water runoff in built-up developments. It effectively mimics the natural percolation of stormwater into the environment by holding onto rainwater during peak downpours and then allowing it to gradually flow back into watercourses.

What are the regulations behind SuDS?

It was introduced to the English planning system back in 2010 – it is now encouraged across all developments except in cases where there is clear proof that they are not needed. In Wales, SuDS became mandatory for new developments over 100m2 in January 2019. Whilst in Scotland, they have made it more of a focus by providing more precise guidance on responsibility for maintenance.

What are the benefits of SuDS?

There are numerous benefits of introducing a SuDS drainage scheme. These include:

  • Flood risk management – reduces the risk of flooding
  • Water quality management – reduces impact of diffuse pollution by preventing pollutants from urban runoff being washed into rivers or groundwater
  • Improves amenity and biodiversity – can help to create habitat, recreational and biodiversity areas
  • Enables extra urban growth – allows for the building of new developments in areas that are affected by already established drainage networks and require SuDS as part of planning permission
  • Capture of water – help to recharge groundwater supplies and capture rainwater for reuse purposes
  • Reduces peak flows to treatment works

What are your options?

We offer a variety of stormwater solutions to suit a variety of applications and needs. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Stormwater Crates
    Our crates provide you with a cost-effective solution. Designed to be installed underground, these light-weight crates are easy to assemble and connect together to enable you to create your required structure.
  • Stormwater Attenuation Lagoon
    Also known as Detention Basins, Stormwater Lagoons are used to control the flow of stormwater runoff. We provide a wide range of geomembrane liners specifically designed for the creation of stormwater attenuation lagoons.
  • Stormwater Attenuation Tanks
    Our attenuation tanks provide a bespoke and cost effective solution to control the flow of water back to a water course. Unlike concrete or cellular systems, they aren’t limited in size or shape.

We can also provide a complete package, including the design, supply and installation of your stormwater solution, saving you the headache.

Other products to manage rainfall

We also supply other products that can help you manage the flow of rainwater including slot drainschannel drainagegulliesland drainage pipe and sewer pipe.

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