Drainage Pipe Overview

Choosing a Drainage Pipe to remove excess surface water doesn’t need to be an arduous task. We offer products to suit the demands of individuals and businesses who are looking to improve the structure of soils, yield and profitability.

To ensure that you choose the right Drainage Pipe, you need to be mindful of your specific requirements. A Land Drainage Pipe can be used for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications to provide you with an effective solution for managing the drainage of surface water.

Backed up with a 50 year guarantee, our Drainage Pipe comes in several variations and offers you exceptional quality.

Land Drainage Pipe

If you’re looking to maximise your investment; you could benefit from a Land Drainage Pipe from Cotterill Civils! The Land Drainage Pipe Coils are available in a choice of sizes, so you’re bound to find exactly what you need to prevent wet spots and water logging.

Any high-density Polyethylene Land Drainage Pipe that we supply is designed to offer high strength and resistance to chemicals, ultimately allowing you to save money and time.

What are Land Drainage Pipes?

Land drainage pipe, also known as land drainage coil, is used to prevent the build-up of excess water, which can lead to waterlogged sports pitches, poorer crop yields, erosion and environmental damage.

Our land drainage coil is designed to be flexible, durable and easy to install.

How does Land Drainage work?

Soil typically becomes saturated for one of two reasons. This is either due to the type of soil it is, such as clay, or excessive rainfall where no more water can be absorbed into the ground. Land drainage works by installing plastic land drainage coil underground. This alleviates excess water by allowing it to flow into and through a pipe, in areas that are waterlogged.

The land drain pipe will then direct the water to a nearby disposal point – such as a nearby stream, storm drain or soakaway system – to prevent a build-up of excess water.

Twin Wall Pipe

The Twin Wall Drainage Pipe provides a straightforward solution that requires minimal joining. This Drainage Pipe is designed to be lightweight which essentially makes it easier for you to transport, handle and install but can also be cut to length to match specification.

Large Diameter HDPE Pipe

Unlike any other Land Drainage Pipe, the Large Diameter HDPE Pipes are perfect if you’re looking for products that have the ability to flex under pressure and eliminate damage. This type of Drainage Pipe is perfect for an array of industrial, agricultural and energy applications because it has been specifically manufactured to withstand pressures and impacts from large loading vehicles.

Galvanised Steel Pipe

The Galvanised Steel Drainage Pipe is a versatile substitute to the HDPE Pipes that we supply. Generally, the Steel Pipe is used to create underpasses and waterways for vehicles, pedestrians and livestock and it’s no surprise when they are designed to last up to 120 years!

As well as these Drainage Pipes, we also offer Irrigation Pipes and Culvert Crossing and Ditch Piping options in a number of materials, ranging from galvanised steel, high-density Polyethylene and concrete.

Here at Cotterill Civils, we aim to provide a suitable Land Drainage Pipe for all applications to ensure that you have every opportunity to complete your drainage system to a high-quality standard. In choosing Cotterill Civils for your drainage supplies, you can benefit from our competitive prices and professional customer service, taking into consideration your specific needs and wants to ultimately provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Our Land Drainage Products

We supply a complete range of products that are designed to be lightweight and durable and are available in a choice of sizes.