Top 5 Fun Uses of Our Pipes

Top 5 Fun Uses of Our Pipes

Most people use our pipes for drainage purposes but you’d be surprised at the number of different uses it has.

Here’s just a few fun examples of how our HDPE twinwall and galvanised steel has been put to use by our customers:

1. Assault courses

In the last few years demand for our HDPE twinwall pipe for use on assault courses has increased simultaneously. This has been due to the increase in popularity of fitness classes and obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder, the Wolf Run, Mud Monsters, British Military Fitness (BMF) etc.

Our pipe is strong, durable and has a smooth inner core making it perfect for your assault course. Available in various sizes our assault course pipe can be used overground, but also under soil to create the perfect tunnel to crawl through. This assault course pipe can provide fun, flexibility and challenge to any obstacle course.

2. Animals

Our HDPE plastic pipes can also be used for your smaller friendly pets to create adventure in their run. The pipe is the perfect chill-out spot for your rabbit, guinea pig or even hamster. Whether they live inside or outside in a hutch. You can even use our pipe to connect their hutch to their run, giving them the freedom to reside wherever they wish without the hassle of moving them between the two.

We can provide the perfect pipe for your fluffy friend!

3. Skate and bike parks

Our galvanised steel pipes can also provide a thrill for adrenaline junkies, supplying the perfect platform to perform tricks and fly in the air. From doing tricks in them to jumping over them.

These pipes come in various sizes allowing for different obstacles for skaters and bikers and can build the course of their dreams.

4. Snow adventure parks

Our twinwall pipe could also provide you with a tunnel to toboggan down or the jump you need under the ski slopes snow to provide your customers with a thrill. It’s been used by ski centres, such as The Snow Dome, to create fun obstacle runs.

The pipe can be a perfect tunnel to tube or sledge down adding an extra element to your experience.

5. Playgrounds

Our twinwall pipe is also ideal to use in playgrounds, amusement parks and schools, adding a sense of exploration for children. The tunnels can be covered and embedded in a mound or under soil. The pipe comes in various sizes so can be adapted to make a fun and exciting playground for children to enjoy. It is also a less costly way to expand your playground, as alternatives can be expensive – the pipe is also strong so can handle children playing and lots of little feet climbing all over it.

Our pipe has various uses and these are just some of the ways to innovate using pipe.

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