Twin Wall Pipe

Twin Wall Pipe

Add value and maximise profits with land drainage

Cost effective solution to eradicate and prevent wet spots, water logged pitches and black grass.


✓ Easy to Install

You will be able to install our piping easily without any need for expensive specialist machinery.

✓ Easy to cut to size perfectly

Minimise your installation time – You can easily cut our piping to size using a normal hand saw

✓ Easy to get around corners and obstacles

With a range of bends junctions and adaptor couplings, you will find it easy to get around corners and obstacles, making your installation time lightening fast.

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Durable – 50 year guarantee

Our twin wall piping gives you peace of mind that you’re making a great investment in your farms’ future, with a 50 year guarantee.

The piping Is less brittle in cold weather – so it’s unlikely to break like other materials.

It’s Impact Resistant – Much less likely to break than clay or concrete.

Our Sizes

100mm, 150mm, 225mm, 300mm

375mm, 450mm and 600mm

See our large diameter structured wall pipe for larger diameters

All pipes are in long 6 metres lengths with easy push fit couplers

Recommended Sizes

Recommended sizes based on the obstacle you are crossing:

Ditch – 150mm, 225mm, or 300mm

Stream – 300mm, 375mm or 450mm

Brook – 600mm upwards (also see our large diameter twin wall)

Built to allow fast flowing water ✓

The inside of the pipe is engineered to be as smooth as possible – to allow water to flow through freely, prevent obstacles and silt build up.

Prevent Remedial maintenance work ✓

Fit and Forget. HDPE material has a life expectancy of 100 years – it is tolerant to ground movement, soil acidity and temperature differentials.

BBA Approved available ✓

For highway construction – we have a range of BBA Approved stock – call us on 0121 351 3230 NOW to find out more

CALL US NOW to speak to our Drainage experts to make sure you get the most efficient solution for your needs – 0121 351 3230

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With over 25 years of expertise, you can rely on Cotterill Civils to provide twinwall pipes that cater for your specific needs and requirements with regards to land drainage. When it comes to choosing a twin wall pipe, consider Cotterill Civils cost-effective pipes!

Are you looking to prevent pitches and grass from becoming water logged? Look no further than Cotterill Civils! Whether you want to eliminate water logging on your football pitch, rugby field or even your garden, we can help! We supply a range of high strength twin wall drainage pipes that have been corrugated to provide extra strength.

Although twin wall drainage is lightweight, it still has the ability to transport any excess water, eradicating wet spots and eliminating the likelihood of flooding. With a twin wall drainage pipe from Cotterill Civils, you needn’t worry about your land being useable and drained when the weather conditions are poor, our pipes operate all year round and have little to no downtime!

If you’re trying to find a suitable twinwall pipe that’s easy to handle and join, consider Cotterill Civils range of drainage pipes!

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Why choose our pipe Twin Wall Pipe?

High strength & durability

Manufactured from high performance HDPE and with a corrugated outer wall for additional strength, the pipe is less vulnerable to cracking and is idea for cold weather conditions.

Lightweight & easy to handle

Its lightweight material makes it easier to transport, handle and install than concrete or clayware.

Minimal joining

Minimal joining compared to concrete or clayware.

Rack of Twin Wall Pipe
110mm Twin Wall Pipe
Large stack of 210mm Twin Wall Pipe

Twin Wall Sizes available

Sizes from 100mm to 3500mm diameter, supported by a full range of junctions, bends and adaptors.

Interested to know more?

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"We always use Cotterill Civils, their personal and reliable service ensures all our products are delivered to site in good time for us to get the job done! I know an order placed with Cotterills is in safe hands, well communicated and taken care of."

– Souters Sports –

“We use Cotterills because we can count on them. They’ll deliver at the drop of a hat and they'll always make sure the products get to us on time. Their personal and reliable service means they’re a pleasure to deal with. "

– DMJ Drainage –

“Cotterills were really helpful all the way through, we had to make a few changes along the way and they were able to assist us in doing so. The road had to be closed and they were able to get the pipe to us on time as requested.”

– Barnsley County Council –

“Cotterills got us what we needed in the project time specified. I found them extremely helpful, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them.”

– The Environment Agency –

The advantages of land drainage with Twin Wall

Increase yield potential

Make every acre count and buy back your unprofitable ground. Our land drain coil optimises your soil structure and yield, in turn maximising profits.

Increase land value

With land prices soaring, getting the optimum productivity and yield from every acre has never been more important. Efficiently drained land puts the landowner in a more favourable position with regard to selling or letting the land.

Improves playing surfaces

Efficient drainage of playing surfaces allows for enhanced performance, less games to be called off due to water logged pitches, the minimisation of injury and importantly increased overall enjoyment.

– Research 2014 –

Our customers have improved their crop yields by as much as 150% by installing land drainage.

– Cotterill Civils –

Our Twin Wall Guarantee

BSI Kitemark approved, our cost effective land drainage coil will improve your soil structure, yields and profitability.

Twin Wall Pipe