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Wrapped Perforated Land Drain Coil Pipe: 100mm x 50m

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Wrapped Perforated Land Drain Coil Pipe: 100mm x 50m

Geotextile wrapped land drainage coil prevents ingress of very fine particles, such as sand and sediment, in appropriate soil conditions.

Full Description

This single wall 100mm wrapped and perforated land drain coil pipe is ideal for connecting multiple coils together, to help with this a connector is supplied.

To improve longevity and efficiency the land drain is pre-wrapped in a geotextile membrane. This is designed to prevent small particles from entering the land drain whilst not impacting the water filtration.

Land drain is used in industrial, agricultural, domestic and commercial settings. It uses small holes throughout the pipe to collect surface water. This allows for the water to be dispersed and works perfectly for many applications such as fields, gardens and lawns.

To protect against damage from surface traffic or maintenance operations such as deep spiking the minimum depth of cover of any piped drain should be at least 450mm.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 100mm

Product Details: Wrapped

Pipe Type: Perforated

Length (mm): 50m

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