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Unperforated Land Drainage Coil: 100mm x 50m

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100mm x 50m Unperforated Land Drainage Coil

Full Description

This 50m coil of black 100mm unperforated land drain is a single wall, corrugated pipe manufactured from HDPE allowing fast and easy installation and great water flow.

Unperforated land drain helps distribute collected surface water as, unlike perforated coils, they have no holes for water to drain into. This is primarily for attenuation where water is stored and sent to a watercourse (such as a stream or river), a soakaway, attenuation crates or a water storage tank. Land drainage should only be used for surface water drainage, never for foul water.

Where should land drainage be used?

Land drain can be used in a variation of different applications from agriculture to construction, for different purposes. In construction land drain is used to remove surface water from around buildings to prevent flooding. With no land drainage in built up areas, standing water can increase the static load on underground structures and retaining walls, by installing land drainage to remove the excess water this relieves the pressure.

Key Features

• Manufactured from high density polyethylene
• Fast and easy installation and excellent water flow
• Cost effective solution for most projects
• Ideal for use in attenuation systems
• Corrugated for extra strength

Technical Specification

Diameter: 100mm

Pipe Type: Unperforated

Length (mm): 50m

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