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Tyfocor 20l Liquid

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Tyfocor 20L Solar Antifreeze Liquid is a ready-to-use, special heat-transfer fluid designed for solar heating installations, providing effective freeze protection and thermal efficiency.

Full Description

Tyfocor 20L Solar Antifreeze Liquid is an essential solution for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of solar heating systems. Based on propylene glycol and water, it is designed for high-temperature solar heating systems like vacuum tube collectors. Tyfocor® LS is a clear, red-fluorescent liquid with a faint odour and is safe to use.


Volume: 20 litres
Solar Antifreeze Liquid
Propylene glycol and water
Clear, red-fluorescent liquid with a faint odour
Designed for solar heating installations, particularly under high thermal conditions

Key Features:

Ready-to-Use, no mixing required.
Ideal for high-temperature conditions in solar heating systems.
Prevents freezing, to ensure the system's efficiency and longevity.
Safe Composition: Based on physiologically safe propylene glycol.

Technical Specification

Product Details: Est. Delivery 3-5 working days

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