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SmartServ Pro

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With SmartServ Pro, you can monitor your wastewater system in real-time, using your phone or computer. This advanced monitoring system gives you instant access to crucial data, enabling you to check your system’s performance without the need for on-site inspections.

Monitor your assets anytime and anywhere, ensuring efficient operation and peace of mind.


Full Description

This advanced remote monitoring system enhances pollution prevention and ensures compliance with environmental standards. Designed for easy integration, SmartServ Pro connects your buildings and equipment to your existing building management or asset management software, boosting the efficiency of your core systems.

By linking to the SmartServ Pro hardware installed on your wastewater treatment system tanks, the SmartServ Portal provides real-time access to essential data. This allows you to monitor system performance from your phone, tablet or computer, anytime and anywhere, without the need for on-site inspections to collect separate readings.

SmartServ Pro Monitoring System is compatible with a variety of wastewater and water management systems, including:

Pumping Stations
Sewage Treatment Plants
Oil Separators
Overflow Chambers
Cesspits/Sludge Tanks
Silt Traps
Grease Traps

Key benefits:

Access live data to schedule necessary service and
maintenance, including tank emptying, exactly when

Receive instant notifications via email or SMS
whenever an issue arises.

Monitor your assets across your entire estate from
anywhere, at any time, through the SmartServ Pro

Lower your carbon footprint by lowering the need for
frequent site visits and preventing pollution with early

Streamline your service and maintenance scheduling.

Connect seamlessly with your current Building
Management System (BMS), removing the need for

Prevent expensive overflows, Environmental Agency
(EA) fines, and negative publicity.

Reduce business interruptions through efficiency.

Technical Specification

Product Details: Est. Delivery 3-5 working days

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