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Single Rainwater Diffuser Unit

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£132.00 (£110.00 ex VAT)
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£132.00 (£110.00 ex VAT)

This single rainwater diffuser unit is designed to allow rainwater to be infiltrated into/out of a porous sub-base.

Dimensions: 710mm L X 355mm W X 150mm D

To suit: 110mm pipework

Data sheet

Full Description

This comprehensive system ensures effective management of rainwater runoff by filtering and diffusing it into the sub-base layer. By utilising the Permavoid units, water is distributed evenly, preventing erosion and reducing the strain on conventional drainage systems.

The combination of filtration and controlled infiltration promotes sustainable water management and helps maintain a healthy sub-base environment.

They arrive to site ready to install with no assembly required.

Technical Specification

Depth (mm): 150mm

Width (mm): 355mm

Length (mm): 710mm

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