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Plain-Ended 110mm uPVC Downpipe - 2.5m

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Brett Martin 110mm uPVC Industrial Downpipe 2.5m Plain-Ended compatible with 170mm Deepstyle gutter system. Wide diameter downpipe suitable for larger industrial and commercial projects. Available in black, grey and white.

  • Fully tested for accelerated ageing according to BS EN 607:2004
  • Loading capabilities in line with BS EN 1462:2004
  • High quality product certified by BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturer’s product code: BS402

Download: Brett Martin Rainwater brochure | Brett Martin Rainwater product guide

Full Description

Deepstyle uPVC industrial downpipe from Brett Martin is an essential part of an industrial or commercial guttering solution for larger roofs. The whole system is easy to install and is incredibly reliable in the long term. This is a sturdy system ideal for serious requirements.

Downpipe is fixed to the side of the building to provide a connection between the gutter and a drain. A range of components are available to ensure the downpipe can be installed with all the bends, branches and access pipes you need.

Do I need a socket-ended or plain-ended pipe?

It depends. Plain-ended pipe may be the only one required. However, for greater heights for which you need to connect several lengths of downpipe, socket-ended pipes and connectors are needed to join these components with a plain-ended pipe.

Is installation easy?

Brett Martin guttering and downpipes are designed with simple installation in mind. The CLIP & SEAL of the gutter system means that installing the main gutter is remarkably easy. Downpipe installation is also simple, as the different downpipe components slot together effortlessly.

Despite the ease of installation, the systems are incredibly hard-wearing and ensure the connection between components is water tight.

Brett Martin gutter and downpipe systems are in line with the latest regulations, including:
• The Building Regulations 2010
• Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004
• Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012
• The Building Regulations 2010 (ROI)

This product also meets the standards of EN 607:2004 and EN 12200-1:2000. This means that the manufacturer has met a number of requirements in manufacturing this product. As a result, this product is long lasting and durable.

The Brett Martin range is compatible with products from other manufacturers.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 110mm

Material: uPVC

Length (mm): 2500mm

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