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1050mm Oriflo P Series Flow Control Chamber with Unprotected Orifice Plate

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£1,716.00 (£1,430.00 ex VAT)

1050mm diameter Oriflo Orifice Control Chamber with unprotected plate. This product features 300mm or 450mm main channel socket connections as well as 2 x 300mm side inlets (blanked ends).

Please let us know your flow rate and head figure, or orifice size if known and we’ll produce your specification.

Features and Benefits

• Quick and simple to install
• Lightweight
• Various options on chamber depth and pipework to suit specific site requirements
• Manufactured in the UK

OFCP1050 Data Sheet

OFCP1050 Product Drawing

Full Description

The ORIFLO P SERIES is specifically designed for installation downstream of pre-filtered surface water run offs ie. permeable paving and cellular/crate attenuation systems


Robust single-piece chambers with a fully integrated orifice plate with a protected screen. All P SERIES models now come with a 300mm sump, that will store finer silts that may pass through the screen, in so offering further sustainability. The orifice diameter is calculated to suit the on-site design criteria for the outflow into the connecting sewer. With Larger diameter chambers are available for special order.

Features & Benefits

• One-piece unit delivered ready to install, reducing installation time and costs
• Relatively Lightweight
• Offering significant on-site savings against PCC and other traditional construction methods, as they need no construction or wet trades.
• Quick and simple to install
• Granular Backfill
• 300mm deep sump for the catchment of fines
• Various options on chamber depth and pipework to suit specific site requirements.
• Eliminates wastage associated within-situ construction
• Chemically Resistant
• Manufactured in the UK

Technical Specification

Diameter: 1050mm

Inlet/Outet Pipework: 110mm (EN 1401), 150mm (Twinwall), 160mm (EN 1401), 225mm (Twinwall)

Inlet Invert: 700mm, 1200mm, 1700mm

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