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Marsh Whisspurr AVR1

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The Marsh Whisspurr AVR1 is designed to reduce the noise pollution from a sewage treatment plant. This Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) unit works quickly and effectively on commercial and domestic sewage treatment plants, and can be fitted retrospectively.

The Whisspurr AVR1 addresses the issue of noise pollution by dramatically reducing the level of vibration and the noise produced by water treatment and sewage systems by over 95%.

Compatible with all types of compressors.

200mm x 142mm

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Full Description

Is the noise from your sewage treatment plant becoming a nuisance?

Introducing the Whisspurr AVR1 by Marsh; the product designed to significantly reduce noise pollution from waste water systems by up to 95%. This is ideal for domestic properties in rural areas looking to reduce their noise pollution.

This product can silence the treatment process of any plant that has a diaphragm compressor, and can be fit retrospectively. Installation is easy, as it is fitted between the compressor and air diffuser. Whisspurr can reduce the loud and inconvenient noise from a sewage treatment plant to a whisper, ensuring a near-silent sewage treatment process. It does this without reducing air pressure from the compressor or increasing back pressure to the compressor.

Installed between the compressor and air diffuser, the Whisspurr significantly reduces noise and vibration generated from the pulsation of the diaphragm compressor whilst enabling a consistent, unrestricted flow to the air diffuser.

Whisspurr AVR1 is suitable for 40–100 watt diaphragm compressors.

What are the benefits of the Whisspurr?

- Dramatically reduces compressor volume and vibrations to address noise pollution
- No reduction in air pressure from the compressor
- No increase in back pressure to the compressor
- No power is required to run this product
- Can be easily retrofitted to existing compressors
- Standard 20mm hose tail
- Unique UK design, patent pending
- Reduces noise by up to 95%

Technical Specification

Height (mm): 200mm

Diameter: 142mm

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