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Marsh Rain Cell Spherical - Home and Garden 2800 litre

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£3,356.48 (£2,797.07 ex VAT)
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£3,356.48 (£2,797.07 ex VAT)
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  • Heavy duty shell as standard ensures tank integrity
  • Integral lifting eyes for improved on-site handling
  • Unique keying-in lip to assist anchoring into granular or concrete surround
  • Self cleaning, easily accessed filter to improve water quality
  • Pressure sensitive, dry-run protected pump guarantees supply pressure. Automatically turns off when no demand or no rainwater detected
  • ÔELITE ' option provides additional level indicator for visible display of tank volume

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Full Description

This 2,800 litre Marsh Rain Cell Spherical is designed primarily for home and garden use. It works by making use of the natural water that falls instead of sending it towards a surface drainage network, which reduces the risk of flooding. The collected rainwater can be used for things such as flushing toilets, as well as for washing machines or watering the garden.


Collecting and reusing rainwater at source reduces your mains water demand allowing you to save money on your water bills whilst doing your bit for the environment by reducing run-off to local drains and rivers alleviating flood risk.

Why choose Marsh?

The Marsh Raincell is the simplest, most reliable and cost-effective household domestic rainwater harvesting system on the market. The system accommodates most household roof sizes and effectively distributes clean recycled rainwater to the home or garden, allowing you to save up to 50% of your metered water costs.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 2800 litres

Height (mm): 2280mm

Diameter: 1870mm

Outlet Invert: 562mm

Inlet Invert: 500mm

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