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Loss of Rotation Kit

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The Loss of Rotation Kit is designed for Klargester BioDisc systems, helping detect and alert you if the discs are not rotating properly, ensuring timely maintenance.


Full Description

Keep your Klargester BioDisc system running smoothly with our Loss of Rotation Kit. This essential kit monitors the rotation of your BioDisc and alerts you if there’s a problem. If the discs stop rotating correctly, the alarm will show an F8 error on your control panel, letting you know it's time for a service. This early warning helps prevent bigger issues and keeps your wastewater treatment system efficient.


Compatibility: Suitable for all Klargester gravity BioDisc systems
Function: Detects loss of rotation in BioDisc systems
Alarm Indicator: Shows F8 on the control panel if rotation fails

Key Features:

Early Detection of rotation issues
Helps maintain the effective operation of your BioDisc system
Easily fits with existing Klargester BioDisc setups

Technical Specification

Product Details: Est. Delivery 3-5 working days

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