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Klargester Silage Cesspool 54,000 ltr

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£15,904.00 (£13,253.33 ex VAT)
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£15,904.00 (£13,253.33 ex VAT)
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  • Easy to install, with minimal on-site installation time
  • Designed in accordance with BS6297, ensuring you meet all building regulations
  • High level alarm available for complete peace of mind
  • Lockable manhole cover for ultimate security

Full Description

This is a 54,000 litre silage cesspool manufactured by Klargester. It provides a reliable solution for locations without mains drainage, where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible due to unsuitable ground conditions, or where infrequent or seasonal use, such as a holiday home, would prevent the successful functioning of a Klargester BioDisc packaged treatment plant, for example.

This tank is constructed from non corrosive GRP materials with a special lining that prevents corrosion from chemicals or silage effluent.


• Klargester cesspools provide quality and
reliability as they are constructed from
non-corrosive materials and are priced
• Easy to install, with minimal on-site installation
• Each cesspool is tested to ensure it is
watertight and is structurally sound.
• For added safety cesspools can be supplied
with a lockable man cover.
• High Level Alarm available
• Constructed from non-corrosive materials in
line with BS 6279: 1983 regulations.

Why purchase Klargester cesspools?

Klargester supply cesspools with capacities from 12,000 to 79,000 litres. Cesspools are designed for storage only, with their contents being emptied at regular intervals using tankers. High Level Alarms with audible and visual warnings are available for all tanks to enable level monitoring for optimum use. When sizing a storage tank for domestic properties it must be noted that under the Building Regulations it must have a minimum capacity of 18,000 litres (2 people) under Environment Agency regulations.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 54,000 ltr

Diameter: 2620mm

Tank Size (Litre): 50,001-60,000 litres

Length (mm): 14295mm

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