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Klargester Gamma 2800 Litre Single Stage (5 person)

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£1,400.00 (£1,166.67 ex VAT)
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£1,400.00 (£1,166.67 ex VAT)

The Klargester Gamma range of septic tanks are ideal for domestic and small commercial applications.

This product is easy to install, and has a capacity for up to 5 people. 

- Compliant with EN12566 Part 1 

- CE marked

- Made from durable polyethylene 

- Resistant to chemicals, robust and watertight 

- Suitable for shallow dig


1m invert / Cover and frame included

Available in 2800 ltr, 3500 ltr & 4000 ltr single stage and twin stage. 

Full Description

Klargester have over 65 years’ worth of experience, offering a range of reliable wastewater and SuDS management solutions including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspools.

Features & benefits:
- Compliant with EN12566 Part 1
- CE marked
- Made from durable polyethylene (MDPE)
- Resistant to chemicals, robust and watertight
- Suitable for shallow dig, meaning lower excavation costs
- It is better for the environment as there is less soil disposal and less backfill material
Septic tank applications

A septic tank is typically installed in areas where there is no access to a centralized sewage system. Here are some instances where a septic tank may be useful:

Rural areas
In rural areas, there may not be access to a centralized sewage system, making a septic tank the most practical solution for handling wastewater.

Areas with high water tables
If the water table is too high in an area, it may be difficult to install a traditional sewage system.

Small communities
In small communities, it may not be economically feasible to install a centralized sewage system. In such cases, installing a septic tank for each household can be a cost-effective solution.

Remote areas
In remote areas, it may not be possible to connect to a centralized sewage system, making a septic tank the most practical solution.

Environmental concerns
In areas with sensitive ecosystems or where pollution is a concern, a septic tank can be a good option as it can treat and dispose of wastewater on-site, reducing the risk of contamination.

Technical Specification

No. of people: 5

Capacity (litres): 2,800 ltr

Weight (kg): 240kg

Height (mm): 2255mm

Diameter: 1130mm

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