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Klargester Full Retention Separator 4,445 sqm

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Full retention separators treat the full flow that can be delivered by the drainage system, which is normally equivalent to the flow generated by a rainfall intensity of 65mm/hr. On large sites, some short term flooding may be an acceptable means of limiting the flow rate and hence the size of full retention systems.

Full Description

This is a 4,445 sqm full retention separator manufactured by Klargester. The Klargester range of full retention separators are suitable for use in car parks, roadways, fuel distribution depots, vehicle workshops and forecourts. These separators treat the full flow of surface water in these areas and offer a reliable oil and silt separating solution.

Features and Benefits

• Can treat the equivalent flow of 65mm/hr
• Designed for easy installation, saving you time
and money
• Third-party certified to EN858 - 1 for peace of
• Fitted inlet/outlet connections
• Vent points within necks
• Maintenance from ground level
• GRP - high strength and durability
• CE-marked

Why purchase Klargester?

Klargester are the first UK manufacturer to have the required range certified to NS in the UK. The NS code denotes the flow at which the separator operates and is only able to be applied to products which have been independently tested and certified. The British Standards Institute (BSI) have tested the required range of Klargester separators and have certified their performance in relation to their flow and process performance.

Each Full Retention Separator design includes the necessary volume requirements for:

• Oil separation capacity
• Oil storage volume
• Silt storage capacity
• Coalescer (Class I units only)
• Automatic closure device

Klargester Full Retention Separators treat the whole of the specified flow.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 800 ltr

Diameter: 2820mm

Drainage area (m2): 5560m2

Daily Flow (m3/day): 80 l/s

Flow (l/s): 80 l/s

Length (mm): 3018mm

Manhole cover diameter (mm): 600mm

Pipework Diameter (mm): 315mm

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