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Greasomatic Cartridge (Multi-Purpose)

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The Greasomatic Cartridge is a multi-purpose self-contained lubricator for all Klargester BioDisc Sewage Treatment Systems from BD onwards.


Full Description

The Greasomatic Cartridge is an innovative auto greaser that simplifies lubrication tasks by automatically discharging 120ml of lubricant in a controlled, continuous flow. Ideal for a wide range of applications, it easily screws into a grease nipple socket or other lubrication points, efficiently dispensing lubricant over a preselected period from one to twelve months.

This multi-purpose lubricator is equipped with seven different settings to adapt to specific lubrication needs. This cartridge operates efficiently across a wide temperature range and can be installed up to 5 metres from the application point. It also features a pressure release valve that indicates blockages


Roller Bearings
Plain Bearings/Slides
Spindles/Lead Screws
Shaft Seals

Suitable for various industries including foundries, mining, plastic moulding, oil refineries, lifts, dockside equipment, airports, and steel manufacturing.


Volume: 120ml
Operation: Self-contained, no external power source needed
Settings: 7 adjustable settings for different applications
Distance: Can be installed up to 5 meters away
Pressure Release Valve: Indicates blockages

What is a Greasomatic?

The Greasomatic is a self-contained, self-ejecting lubricant canister designed to screw into a grease nipple socket or other lubrication points. It dispenses 120 ml of lubricant in a controlled, continuous flow over a period you choose, from one month to twelve months. This clever unit doesn’t require any pumps, motors, electricity, or compressed air. Once installed and activated, it works autonomously until the set period ends.

How It Works

Each Greasomatic cartridge features a unique chemical expulsion system. It contains a flexible rubber expansion chamber with a liquid electrolyte and a galvanic element. When you activate the unit by injecting the galvanic element into the electrolyte, a chemical reaction occurs, generating gas. This gas steadily expands against a piston, pushing the lubricant out slowly and consistently into the bearing. The whole process is sealed, preventing any contamination of the lubricant. The discharge state can be easily monitored through translucent windows on the cartridge body, showing the position of the ejection piston.

This innovative design ensures your equipment stays lubricated without the need for manual intervention, providing a hassle-free, reliable solution.

Technical Specification

Product Details: Est. Delivery 3-5 working days

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