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Graf Platin Indirect 5,000 Litre Tank

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£3,154.21 (£2,628.51 ex VAT)
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This Platin Indirect tank by GRAF offers a cost-effective solution to repurposing rainwater garden irrigation and indoor use. Due to the innovative design of the tank, only a shallow excavation depth is required. The submersible pump provides gravity-fed rainwater to the WC and washing machine.

  • Winner of multiple design awards
  • 15 year warranty
  • 80% less excavation compared with a cylindrical cistern - saves you time and money
  • No slope angle required due to low installation depth
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Available with pedestrian or vehicle loading lid
  • Suitable for a variation of applications
  • Prioritises rainwater so the water in the tank is optimised

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Full Description

This GRAF Platin Indirect Rainwater Harvesting Tank is suitable for both domestic gardens and commercial properties. Due to the reduction in excavation required, you will save time and the quantity of labour will be reduced.

This tank is supplied with a submersible pump which provides gravity-fed rainwater to the WC and washing machine. The header tank controls the system, which will switch the supply from rainwater to mains water when there is insufficient amounts of rainwater in the tank. This means that water supply to WCs is guaranteed at all times. The dual valve system within this prioritises rainwater which maximises its use, and will reduce your water bill too.

This rainwater harvesting tank comes with a 15 year warranty so you can be confident that your product is protected.

- pressure washing
- watering plants
- washing cars
- flushing toilets
- washing laundry

Using rainwater has other benefits too. It is the superior choice for washing clothes, as it is soft water which prevents limescale build up in the washing machine.

Available lids:
- Pedestrian - suitable for garden use
- Vehicle - suitable for driveway

What are the benefits of harvesting rainwater?

1. Harvesting rainwater preserves a natural resource which reduces the demand for water from other sources like rivers, lakes, and groundwater.

2. Collecting and using rainwater can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional water supply systems.

3. Rainwater harvesting is good for the environment as it helps to reduce water pollution, soil erosion, and flooding. It also helps to promote sustainable agriculture and reduces the dependency on fossil fuels for water pumping and distribution.

4. Harvested rainwater can be used for a selection of purposes, making your purchase great value for money.

5. Harvesting rainwater can help communities to become more resilient in the face of climate change, droughts, and water scarcity. It can also help to reduce the burden on traditional water supply systems during times of high demand.

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 240kg

Height (mm): 1265mm

Tank Size (Litre): 5,000 litre

Width (mm): 2300mm

Length (m): 2890mm

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