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Graf Platin Direct 7,500 Litre Tank

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£3,526.52 (£2,938.77 ex VAT)
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This 7,500 litre Platin Direct rainwater tank by GRAF offers a cost-effective solution to rainwater harvesting. This flat is low profile, meaning a shallow excavation depth is required. Rainwater can be repurposed for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

  • 15 year warranty
  • Winner of multiple design awards
  • 80% less digging compared with a cylindrical cistern, saving labour and time
  • No slope angle required due to low installation depth
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene
  • Pedestrian and vehicle loading lids available
  • Suitable for a variation of applications for indoor and outdoor use

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Full Description

Platin Direct tanks offer an excellent solution to rainwater harvesting. They are a cost-effective alternative to cylindrical tanks due to requiring 80% less excavation space, as well as the number of applications they can be used for. This tank is suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

This 7,500 litre tank comes with a Mains-On-Tap unit which fills the water in the tank with mains water when required. This means that a reliable water supply will always be provided, even during periods of low rainfall. The submersible pump provides rainwater to the washing machine, outdoor tap and toilets. This tank comes with a self-cleaning filter system which ensures the water is free from debris before it is repurposed.

This product comes with a 15 year warranty so you can be confident that your product is protected.

This GRAF rainwater harvesting tank has many applications.
- washing cars
- watering plants
- pressure washing
- flushing toilets
- washing clothes

Using a rainwater harvesting tank will bring your water bill down, as it makes use of natural resources. This is because this tank prioritises rainwater supply, and tops up with mains water when necessary. Rainwater is superior to mains for washing clothes, as it is soft water which prevents limescale build up in the washing machine.

The Platin tank is available to purchase with a pedestrian loading lid which is suitable for garden use, or vehicle loading which is suitable for a driveway or areas with traffic.


1. Using a rainwater harvesting tank repurposes rain as a natural resource, which reduces the demand for water from other sources like rivers, lakes, and groundwater.

2. Using rainwater can be a cost-effective alternative to mains water supply systems. The tank has a long lifespan, and the cost savings over years of use is significant.

3. Rainwater harvesting is good for the environment as helps to reduce water pollution, soil erosion, and flooding. It also reduces the reliance on fossil fuels for water pumping and distribution.

4. Harvested rainwater can be used in and around the home for a number of applications, including garden irrigation, washing clothes and vehicles, flushing toilets, and more, making your purchase excellent value for money.

5. Harvesting rainwater can help communities to become more resilient when facing water scarcity. It can also help to reduce the burden on mains water supply systems during peak demand.

Technical Specification

Weight (kg): 360kg

Height (mm): 1565mm

Tank Size (Litre): 7500 litre

Width (mm): 2250mm

Length (m): 3600mm

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