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Graf Carat Silentio 10,000 Litre Tank

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Ideal for installations up to 15m away from the house, the NEW Silentio 10,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank by Graf provides an excellent solution to non-potable water applications. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this tank utilises rainwater by directing it from the tank to WCs, washing machines and external taps.

Complete package supplied. 


  • Sustainable product
  • Easy backfill - save money with granular backfill, rather than concrete
  • Award-winning internal filter technology
  • Free delivery 
  • Free commissioning 
  • Control panel displays water level
  • Automatically switches when levels are low
  • Automatic timed jet washing of filter
  • Wide range of applications
  • Ultra-quiet system control

Available with pedestrian or vehicle loading lid. 

View datasheet here

View installation guide here

Full Description

The new Silentio range by Graf offers exceptional water quality for non-potable water uses inside and outside of the home.

This tank will save you money in many ways. Firstly, by reusing rainwater as a natural resource, you will save money in the long run on your water bills, as well as practising sustainability. Also, during installation, this tank only requires a granular backfill, as opposed to concrete. This will save you up to £60 per cubic metre. It also makes installation much easier. See the installation guide above for more details.

This 10,000 litre Carat Silentio tank is made from 100% recycled plastic. So, not only are you helping the planet by reusing rainwater, the tank itself is made from reusable materials.

The rainwater filters use efficient self-cleaning technology, which has won awards. You can trust this tank to produce pure, clean water in every use.

Additional benefits:
- The Silentio tank is the only rainwater harvester of its kind to use a domestic external pump unit with an AA air gap in the UK
- Complete package provided
- Telescopic lid
- Fast lead time
- Automatic pumps
- Consistent water supply
- Easy installation

What's included:
1. Underground tank (choice of tanks available, sizes vary according to property type)
2. Telescopic lid (choice of telescopic lid available, depending on tank location)
3. Filter (Minimax filter supplied in accordance with the type of tank)
4. Floating water intake
5. AA Silentio unit
6. Float sensor (connected from Silentio unit to the underground tank)
7. Reversible flow filter

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 10,000 ltr

Weight (kg): 455kg

Height (mm): 2895mm

Width (mm): 2240mm

Length (mm): 3520mm

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