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Geomat Turfmesh 100 U Shaped Fixing Pins

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Bag of 100 U Shaped Fixing Pins suitable for Turfmesh products. 

Turfmesh is placed directly onto the grass surface and secured in place by steel U-pins.

TurfMesh 1000 is a light-duty grass protector that is most beneficial for occasional vehicle or light pedestrian use on green surfaces. This adaptable and durable meshing can be installed on already established lawns and park areas, as these are prone to wear and avoids environmental damage. 

1 bag of 100 U pins required per roll of Turfmesh

    Full Description

    What is Turfmesh?
    Turfmesh is a long term reinforcement solution for assisting vehicular traffic on green surfaces without affecting normal gardening practices such as fertilising, mowing and rolling. The Turfmesh is manufactured from a heavy duty thermoplastic meaning it is chemically inert, rot resistant and UV stabilised. The thermoplastic material also incorporates a blowing agent to create texture and allow a less slippery surface.

    Turfmesh is easily installed by laying it out and securing it with steel U-pins. As grass grows through the mesh apertures it eventually conceals the mesh and allows the area to return to its natural state.

    From pedestrian to emergency vehicle access, Turfmesh is available to purchase in three grades: Standard up to Heavy, as this suits the different loading capacities.


    - Provides a unique anti-slip surface
    - They can bear up to 8 tonnes of weight
    - They’re easy to install
    - Produced from chemically inert substances
    - They are rot resistant and built to last
    - Can be used for a variety of applications

    Technical Specification

    Length (mm): 20m

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