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Flexible Coupling 110-125mm / 110-115mm

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Shear Banded couplings are precision-crafted for UK sewer and drainage systems. Featuring a stainless steel central band for added protection, they ensure joint alignment and prevent displacement under shear loads. With EPDM bodies and Stainless Steel Shear Band and Clamp Bands, they meet WIS 4-41-01 and BS EN certifications. Pressure rating: 2.5bar/36.25psi for reliable performance.


  • pvcu 110mm
  • ductile iron 100mm
  • cast iron (soil & drain) 100mm
  • cast iron (smu/ensign/sml) 100mm
  • stainless steel 100mm
  • supersleve 100mm
  • asbestos cement 100mm
  • 100mm cast iron (soil)
  • 100mm cast iron (smu/ensign/sml)
  • 100mm stainless steel
  • 110mm pvcu

VAC Data Sheet

Full Description

Shear Banded couplings are crafted with precision for connecting and repairing pipes in adopted sewer and drainage applications, as mandated by UK water companies. The stainless steel central band serves as a protective shield for the joint, especially under shear loads, ensuring the alignment of joining pipes and preventing any potential displacement.

Featuring an EPDM body and a Shear Band and Clamp Bands made of Stainless Steel (1.4301 (304)), these couplings hold certifications to meet the standards of WIS 4-41-01 for flexible couplings in gravity sewerage and drainage pipes. Additionally, they are approved according to BS EN 681-1:1996, BS EN 295-4:2013, and BS EN 10088-2:1995.

With a pressure rating of 2.5bar/36.25psi, these couplings are designed to deliver reliable performance in various sewer and drainage scenarios.

Technical Specification

Diameter: 110-125mm / 110-115mm

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