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8LOX-150 F900 Ductile Iron Edged Channel Drain 150mm x 240mm (internal) x 1m

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£217.20 (£181.00 ex VAT)

Polycon's 8LOX channel drain range offers the ideal solution for optimal surface water management in large areas. Manufactured from resilient concrete resin and durable ductile iron, this grating is engineered to perform exceedingly within the industrial sector.

With a remarkable F900 load bearing capacity, this channel drain comes complete with a heavy duty ductile iron oval grip grating. This 8LOX-150 channel drain system is designed to withstand heavy traffic, forklifts or lorries. 

Available in depths 215mm and 240mm. 

Key Applications:

  • Civil Yards
  • Warehouses
  • Farms
  • Commercial & Civil Areas
  • Docks & Yards

8LOX-150 Data Sheet

Full Description

The F900 channel drain offers exceptional industry standard quality to ensure optimal performance. Polycons 8LOX drainage systems (KE & SF) are tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1433 and KIWA BRL 5211, and comply with industry regulations. It also offers an enhanced performance with the 8 point locking feature, ensuring security for heavy traffic loads.

Manufactured from polymer concrete and ductile iron, the F900 channel drains are watertight and highly resistant to corrosion. As a result, these systems are purposefully designed to drain off rain water and reliably protect against environmental pollution.

Additional features include:

- Heavy duty edge rails made of ductile cast iron
- Load class F900
- Sump and Accessories

Technical Specification

Depth (mm): 240

Width (mm): 150mm

Length (mm): 1000mm

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