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Deepstyle 115mm uPVC Gutter Rise & Fall Bracket - 310mm Drive In Spike

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Rise & Fall Bracket with 310mm Drive In Spike designed for 115mm high-capacity gutter solution.

  • Manufactured by Brett Martin
  • 115mm High-Capacity Deepstyle domestic gutter system
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel
  • Bracket allows for adjustable gutter height
  • Fully tested for accelerated ageing according to BS EN 607:2004
  • Loading capabilities in line with BS EN 1462:2004
  • High quality product certified by BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturer’s product code: BRF7

Download: Brett Martin Rainwater brochure | Brett Martin Rainwater product guide

Full Description

A rise & fall bracket designed for the 115mm domestic, high-capacity Brett Martin gutter system with a 310mm drive-in spike to insert in the exterior wall of the building. Manufactured from galvanised steel and compatible with uPVC gutter products.

Why buy a rise and fall bracket?

There are two types of bracket available to purchase which can be matched to the needs of your project: rise and fall brackets, and fascia brackets. Rise and fall brackets feature a galvanised steel drive-in spike – this is inserted directly into the wall – and a half-round, metal bracket to hold the gutter.

Rise and fall brackets are commonly used over fascia brackets on heritage projects, terraces, cottages, and similar buildings. They are becoming more commonplace, however. One of the major benefits is the ability to adjust the height of the gutter without changing the bracket position in the wall.

On the other hand, fascia brackets are made from high-strength uPVC and are fixed directly onto the fascia board at the eaves on the outside of the building (instead of being driven into the side of the building itself).

A number of other components besides gutters are also required to install a whole system. Our guide on choosing the most suitable system for your project includes more details on what factors you should bear in mind when designing your system. You can find this linked at the bottom of the page.

Brett Martin guttering products are manufactured in line with the latest regulatory requirements and current UK and ROI building standards.

Technical Specification

Height (mm): 135mm

Material: Galvanised steel

Length (mm): (drive-in spike) 310mm

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