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D400 Ductile Iron Gully Grate Double Triangle - 600mm x 600mm (100mm deep)

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  • Introducing the Eccles FreeFlow D400 (Group 4) Ductile Iron Gully Grating - the solution for efficient drainage in areas visited by cars and lorries. Manufactured from durable ductile iron, this grating provides exceptional performance. 

Offering a solid D400 load bearing capacity, this gully grate is capable of withstanding up to 40 tonnes, making this the ideal choice for carriage way, hard shoulders and pedestrian zones.

Key applications: 

  • Roads and highways 
  • Car parks 
  • Industrial facilities 
  • Commercial buildings

Key Benefits:

  • Improved waterflow
  • Kite marked 
  • Coated
  • Three point suspension
  •  Enhanced safety
  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty load capacity
  • Compliance with standards.

DU034 Data Sheet

Full Description

The D400 gully grate by Eccles offers exceptional industry standard quality to ensure optimal performance. Tested and certified to BS EN124-2:2015, the ductile iron gully grate complies with industry regulations. It also provides additional support with the three point suspension feature, providing reliability in any environment.

Manufactured from ductile iron, this gully grate provides weight-to-strength ratio for durability, and is finished with a sleek black coating for enhanced aesthetic. The black coating also protects against corrosion and wear over a longer period of time.

Purposefully engineered as a Group 4, suited for areas with heavy rainfall, this smooths the way for efficient water drainage to avoid the risk of flooding. As an additional eco-friendly feature, this gully grate is fully recyclable providing the contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

Key Benefits:

- Improved waterflow
- Kite marked
- Corrosion resistant coating
- Three point suspension
- Enhanced safety
- Durability
- Heavy-duty load capacity
- Compliance with standards.

Technical Specification

Standards: EN124-2:2015

Material: Ductile Iron

Model: DU034

Load / Load Rating: 40 tonne

Depth (mm): 100mm

Clear opening (mm): 600mm x 600mm

Colour: Black

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