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Clearwater Shallow Dig Cesspool 2,800 ltr

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£1,350.99 (£1,125.83 ex VAT)
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£1,350.99 (£1,125.83 ex VAT)
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Features & Benefits 

  • Pea gravel backfill for dry sites
  • EN 12566-1 approved
  • Installation in hard rock areas where deep digs are not possible
  • 30mm between inlet and outlet
  • 0.5 and 1m neck extensions available for deeper installation

Full Description

This 2,800 shallow dig cesspool is manufactured by Clearwater and made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Cesspools are purely a holding tank without an outlet that requires emptying on a frequent basis depending on usage.

Cesspools are suitable for locations without mains drainage where the discharge of effluent is not possible due to unsuitable ground conditions or limited space to construct a soakaway. Standard sizes range from 1,000 litres to 84,000 litres, however larger tanks are available and are made to order.

Why shallow dig?

The Shallow dig design saves both time and cost of installation and is suitable for installations where spherical septic tanks could not be installed.

Why use Clearwater?

Clearwater pollution control was established in 1978 and has a proven track record in the design and manufacture of waste water treatment systems. They have produced a range of systems for waste water handling and also offer good quality, simplified rainwater harvesting systems for the home and garden controlled by a pump, suitable for either direct or gravity fed applications.

Technical Specification

Capacity (litres): 2,800 ltr

Diameter: 1225mm

Inlet Invert: 500mm

Length (mm): 3020mm

Installation Service

We can also offer an installation service for our stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, water storage and sewage treatment solutions. Get in touch here.

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