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Channel Balloon Guard

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£5.94 (£4.95 ex VAT)

VIP Channel Drainage is a premium domestic system with an A15 weight loading. Designed for efficient water removal, it features a concaved base for easy cleaning and extended maintenance intervals. The slip-resistant gratings are easily removable with a screwdriver.

Full Description

VIP Channel Drainage stands as a superior choice for domestic drainage needs, offering robust performance with its A15 weight loading capacity. Engineered to efficiently manage high water volumes, this system features a specially designed concaved base, enhancing ease of cleaning and extending maintenance intervals for uninterrupted functionality. Additionally, its gratings boast a custom slip-resistant pattern and can be effortlessly removed using a screwdriver, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Technical Specification

Diameter: Plastic Adaptor to suit 110mm Pipe

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