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Bioficient Media Filter

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£170.41 (£142.01 ex VAT)
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The Bioficient Media Filter enhances wastewater treatment by providing an optimal surface for biofilm growth, ensuring efficient biological filtration.

Full Description

The Bioficient Media Filter is designed to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems. These moving bed media filters, "hair curlers," are placed in a small aeration tank. The filter creates a large surface area for beneficial bacteria and microorganisms to grow.

Oxygen is added through bubble diffused air, keeping the media in motion and ensuring active biofilm growth. This high surface area design promotes extensive biomass growth, essential for efficient wastewater treatment.


Durable plastic with maximum surface area
Supports biofilm growth and aeration
Ideal for small aeration tanks in wastewater treatment systems

Key Features:

The High Surface Area encourages growth of beneficial bacteria
The bubble diffused air keeps the media moving and oxygenated
Suitable for various wastewater treatment setups

Technical Specification

Product Details: Est. Delivery 3-5 working days

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